Oscar M. Caballero (he/him/his) is a Nicaraguan architect, researcher, and visual artist based in New York City. After working at the intersection of tropical architecture, technology, and art in his home country, he graduated with a Master’s in Advanced Architectural Design at Columbia University in 2020. Currently, he works as an architectural designer at BonettiKozerski Architecture studio, as an independent designer and as associate faculty at Columbia University. Disobedience is an initiative to create a juxtaposition of his vision in the architectural realm through projects, essays, art and poetry. He has focused much of his research on studying Nicaragua's current and past realities through territorial studies connecting with topics such as geopolitics, urban memory, architecture and landscape. His research aims to become a canvas to propel and advance the critical discourse of architecture in the midst of Nicaragua’s fluid context. His work has been published by the Institute of Latin American Studies of Columbia University (ILAS), Patio Magazine (Latin GSAPP), Urban Magazine (GSAPP), Managua Furiosa, Monument Lab, ReVista: Harvard Review of Latin America and DESOBED/ENC/A, his opinion column in Revista Construir.