An exhibition by Oscar M Caballero
Co-curated with Franck de las Mercedes

" En Un Lugar captures the Nicaraguan landscape as a place scarred by conflict and flourished in resilience. It depicts the territorial influence of ojos de agua and volcanoes across human and non-human forms of habitability."

Oscar M Caballero

Over the last years, the political landscape of Nicaragua has changed abruptly into one of the most iconographic and rapidly solidified regimes of Latin America. This exhibition depicts documentary cartographies that point to unacknowledged acts of territorial abuse in Nicaragua. Reflecting on the profound impact of the architectural imposition on nature and the influence of nature in the built environment. Intrinsically, it opens questions of land use, political disruption, urban planning, mediums of protest, and societal structures. Borrowing its title from a verse of Nicaraguan songwriter Salvador Cardenal (Dúo Guardabarranco), En Un Lugar, brings together works from two graphic essays by Oscar M Caballero: Ojos de Agua (2020) & Dragones en el Horizonte (2023), written during his time as a political exile. This research harnesses devices of architectural mapping, magical realism literature, and graphic fable to unveil the complexity of volatile geography and intergenerational territorial trauma that permeates his home country's current socio-political crisis.