The Eupnea Project

Exploration of an Expandable Prosthetic Device


Transformable Design Methods
Fall 2019
Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design
Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation
Columbia University


Critic: Matthew Davis

Partner: Christopher Spyrakos
Model: Manuela Siffert
Photographer: Victoria Macchi


Our capacity to connect with architecture and media has created an incrementing global notion of political, social and territorial issues. Understanding the human body as a mechanism with the ability to extend its capacity through other devices is only possible with networks and the use of prosthetics that have been present since primitive times in several scales, from simple inventions such as the wheel, lever, pulley, etc. —that have given the human-self a way to achieve physical, survival and shelter challenges— To other devices such as lighthouses, carrier pigeons and telegraph as territorial extensions to transmit a message. The Eupnea project is a conceptual exploration of a transformable device that activates when the user faces an environment with poor air quality. Each antenna is deployed with mist that covers the micro-atmosphere of the user to enhance the air quality around.